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Thank you to everyone who attended New Living Expo 2024 Events with OurLeapBeyondAI.com Creator Susan Larison Danz:

Our Leap Beyond AI: Spiritual Breakthroughs Free Lecture - April 19, 2024

Hidden Energy, AI vs. Intuition, Nikola Tesla's Intuitive Leaps Paid Workshop - April 20, 2024

Breakthrough Science: Freeing the Truth to Save the Earth Free Panel (Moderated by Susan Larison Danz) - April 21, 2024

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Recent Podcasts

Empathy, Consciousness and AI ~ May 25, 2024

Without empathy, without Unconditional Love, there can be no Higher Consciousness, on the Earth and beyond. How does this also relate to the materialistic limitations and misunderstandings regarding AI?

With degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics (and early experience in AI language model development), writer, researcher, mystic and philosopher Susan Larison Danz, M.S., B.A., combines logic with spirituality in all of her endeavors, sharing a free-flowing authentic, intuitive and liberating perspective with listeners.

True Advancement has Nothing to do with Technology ~ May 18, 2024

How are we losing our way when focused solely on technological assumptions regarding what makes a species or society truly advanced (here on Earth or beyond)? How can focusing on spiritual maturity instead make all the difference in understanding what "advancement" actually is? And how can this shift in perception and emphasis dramatically change our lives and our world?

Star Wars, AI and Intuition ~ May 4, 2024

May the 4th has a popular tradition of being "Star Wars Day" ("May the 4th be with you!"). The original "Star Wars" movies had a significant impact on The Frontier Beyond Fear host Susan Larison Danz's teens, and she stood in line at the legendary Cooper Theater multiple times in 1977 and beyond for the series (a favorite theater of hers already before that time).

What does "Star Wars" have to say about the use of advanced technology, AI and intuition? What surprising, Oxford-verified quote by AI icon Alan Turing aligns with the way telepathy was first introduced in the original 3 films? What does "Star Wars" have to say about forgetting and deriding Spirituality in favor of materialistic fundamentalism? And why does Spirituality win?

True Meaning ~ April 13, 2024

How does Spirituality help us to find true meaning in life? How can we experience and affirm what it means to be a conscious human being? It's very present for us, once we see it. This also helps us to evaluate if AI could ever truly be "conscious" or experience how it feels to be alive.

Transhumanism and Spirituality ~ March 23, 2024

Why is transhumanism a misguided, materialistic and mythical path for humanity, given what we know about Spirituality?

Spiritual Growth: Why It Matters ~ February 3, 2024

Why is Spiritual growth much more important than material advancement? Whether considering a life or an entire society, nothing is more important than Spiritual growth. This also very much applies to our assessment of the "advancement" of an extraterrestrial or interdimensional species. It is entirely applicable to how we define advanced "intelligence" or "consciousness", related to AI.